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Growth Exhibition

Bee The Future – Seed Ball Making Workshop at OmVed Gardens

Event Details
04 Jun 2021
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Growth Exhibition

This half-term, OmVed will host two children’s interactive workshops with Bee the Future in the garden on 4th June.

Children will create their own wildflower seed balls and construct boxes to contain the balls during this engaging, interactive session.

Bee The Future are looking to help raise awareness of the important role bees have on our environment. The workshop and accompanying lesson aims to kickstart children’s broader journey to help save the bees and equip them with information, knowledge and some steps to contribute to help save the UK’s declining bee population

The workshops will look at the life cycle of bees, how they are suited to their environment and why they play a key role in the wider ecosystem. The programme will explore this through taking a deeper look at the roles bees play within their habitat and the impacts their pollination efforts have in relation to plants, animals and humans.

Please note, this event is for children aged 6-12 years old.

This event is part of the Growth Exhibition by OmVed Gardens and Thrown Contemporary, taking place from May 12th to June 14th 2021 at OmVed Gardens.

Event tickets available here.

Find out more about Bee the Future here.