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Cartographies of the Imagination

Forum: Cartographies of the Imagination

Event Details
10 Jul 2021
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Cartographies of the Imagination

A day of drawings, films and performances exploring alternative practices of cartography across architecture, landscape, art and geography.

In collaboration with Drawing Matter, a multi-disciplinary forum explores the half-place that exists between place and imagination, between objectivity and impossibility, truth and myth, the tangible and the ephemeral; charting places that were, are, and could be.

Tickets available here.

The forum presents a day of conversations, anchoring around the exhibition alongside a hand-curated selection of original drawings from the Drawing Matter archive, including works by Zaha Hadid, Peter Wilson, Guy Debord and Madelon Vriesendorp. Participants from the worlds of architecture, landscape, painting, geography, technology and film will share perspectives and possibilities of drawing as world-building. Talks, discussions, performances and film screenings will move through the gardens and greenhouse spaces throughout the day.


Conversations will expand beyond traditional map-making conventions and mediums to consider experimental drawing methods including notation, translation, film screenings, performance, fiction and sound; practices that provoke the imagination and inhabit the “mind’s eye”. How does the language of cartography curate and shape the way in which we imagine, and how do we begin to chart and document spaces and territories that exist primarily in the mind?



Kirsty Badenoch

Dr Penelope Haralambidou

Niall Hobhouse

Charnjeev Kang

Sayan Skandarajah

Saskia Olde Wolbers

ScanLab Projects

Doug Specht

Llew Watkins

Dr Izabela Wieczorek

Conversations will be chaired by Niall Hobhouse, Nat Chard and Dr David Roberts.


Exhibition and venue

The forum will be staged within the three-part paper exhibition designed by PiM Studio:

Greenhouse I: Showcasing four years of drawing research by landscape and architectural researchers Kirsty Badenoch and Sayan Skandarajah, mapping lost and invisible land- and city-scapes.

Greenhouse II: A new and experimental collaborative map of the imagination will slowly grow throughout the festival, built from the minds and hands of everyone who joins our experiments in the Drawing Laboratory workshops, salons and studio days.

Greenhouse III: A visual conversation of works from the participants of the forum, the main space where the day will be held.


A delicious home-grown vegan/vegetarian lunch will be cooked up by Omved’s team of creative chefs working with seasonal produce from the garden, together with refreshments served throughout the day.



On Wednesday 14th July, a webinar will build on the themes discussed in the forum, expanding our conversations to international speakers. The purchase of a forum ticket also includes access to the webinar, which will be streamed live 19:00-20:30 GMT.



The accompanying Cartographies of the Imagination book will be available to buy at the venue, or can be pre-ordered with your ticket booking to collect in-person.


Project/exhibition information:

Drawing Matter:

Artists and curators: /

Exhibition design:


Health and Safety

The venue continues to adhere to the most current Covid governmental guidelines, with reduced capacity and social distancing measures ensured, alongside monitoring additional precautions.


Image: Yacht Club Path by Alberto Ponis.

Tickets available here.