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Fermentation and Breadmaking Workshop

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29 Sep 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event Archive

These days no self-respecting café or restaurant will be seen without a basket of sourdough bread on the table, and its popularity is growing apace as people discover not just its superior taste and flavour, but also the health benefits of long-fermented bread.

But what is sourdough bread? Why is it much better for your gut and how does this relate to the wider context of fermentation, from kefir to kombucha, kimchi to sauerkraut?

In our second fermented foods and gut health workshop of the year, we turned our attention to sourdough. Hosted by our friends from Hackney Bread Kitchen, we spent a day on all things sourdough, baking and learning the benefits and science behind it.

Children Over the Age of 14 Welcome

A lunch of autumn soup and salad was provided, followed by a walk around the garden. After the final touches were added to our baked goods, we finished the day with a talk on gut health from our guest speaker accompanied by tea and scones.


This one-day workshop was led by specialists in all- things fermented, Lawrence Leason from Hackney Bread Kitchen and Arthur Potts Dawson who heads up the kitchen at OmVed Gardens.

Our guests were able to try some yoghurt kefir, sip kombucha and were introduced to the principle of sourdough bread baking. Guests got hands-on experience mixing, kneading and shaping their own dough, had a chance to stroll in the beautiful gardens to pick herbs for their lunchtime focaccia, and went home with three different types of sourdough bread.

Breakfast served at 9am, sourdough crumpets, blackberry jam and whipped cream
Begin to work with the sourdough
Mid morning breakout session, making Kefir with Arthur Potts Dawson, The Omved Kitchen
Revisit the sourdough starters with Laurence
Lunch served. OmVed Gardens Autumn soup, salad leaves and sourdough bread, then a garden walk
Revisit the sourdoughs
A discussion on Gut Health and the Biom 2.1
A final session on the sourdough breads, discussion and shaping of doughs 3.30
Finish with Tea and Scones

What to expect on the day

During the day our guests went through all the stages of mixing, kneading, proving and shaping the loaf, as well as receiving an overview of what a sourdough starter is and how to use it in bread making.