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A weekend workshop with Lori-Lee Hillman

Fire: The 5 Elements Series

Event Details
08 - 09 Jun 2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

A weekend workshop with Lori-Lee Hillman

The 5 Elements Series will offer our attendees an exclusive opportunity to address their personal health issues one-on-one with Lori- Lee Hillman. 


Lori-Lee Hillman is experienced and highly educated in human ecology, her experience allows her to give the best advice to guide you through this spiritual journey. This exclusive opportunity allows Lori-Lee to obtain a better understanding of your personal health issues and what steps should be taken to efficiently address the issue using Food Energetics. This allows participants to maximize the workshop session by personalizing the experience to accommodate their spiritual and healthcare needs. 

A carefully curated menu will be provided throughout.

Our Fire edition of the 5 Elements Series has been carefully curated to include…


A workshop that aims to deepen your understanding of what you can do in the long run to better heal/care for the heart and small intestine, whilst also coming to terms with the internal impacts that certain emotions such as joy and depression can have on the body and how to use Food energetics to support the heart in calming daily anxiety and reducing stress.

An insightful workshop based on supporting the heart and the long term spiritual and nutritional power that a balanced lifestyle can have on the body and its important role in reducing anxiety and embracing inner confidence.

Attendees will be given a detailed workshop handout that will include the seasonal food energetics list that can be implemented in any diet plan. The handout may also assist participants during the workshop in creating a general understanding of what the workshop will cover whilst also assisting attendees outside of the workshop environment.

In addition to the workshop handout attendees are invited to attend two complimentary mentoring sessions for one month after the weekend to continue the journey in developing their knowledge on Food Energetics. The two complimentary mentoring sessions allow attendees to maximize the time spent with their mentors and allows for a longer-lasting experience.

(All necessary course materials will be provided on sight along with tuition and mentoring.)

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