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A workshop with Arthur Potts-Dawson

Heightening the Senses through Food

Event Details
14 Jul 2019
12:45 am - 3:15 pm

A workshop with Arthur Potts-Dawson

Join Arthur in the Omved Kitchen to experience of quietening the mind and listening to the body as it connects to its inner wisdom through food.

Listen to and know your body’s innate wisdom as it reacts to garden herbs and vegetables. We will taste, smell, touch, look and listen to over 25 different ingredients that heighten your senses and improve your bodies functions and capacity. We will spend time in the garden and kitchen, with light refreshments served to compliment the ingredients. You will learn about the healing properties of herbs, the impact foods have on our bodies functions and how food influences our mind, from love to passion, calmness to excitement.

**Ticket discount available for attendees of the haikuDHYANA workshop earlier in the day – please get in touch to enquire**