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A Fungi Day with Patrick Mallery of Upcycled Mushrooms

How Well Do You Know Your Fungi?

Event Details
26 May 2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

A Fungi Day with Patrick Mallery of Upcycled Mushrooms

An afternoon of workshops on mushrooms and fungi.


Introduction to Outdoor Fungi Cultivation (2 hr)

In this workshop Patrick shows how it is possible & beneficial to integrate fungi cultivation into gardens or allotments. He will cover how fungi help to build fertile soils whilst also increasing biodiversity and benefiting people and surrounding wildlife.




Fungi: The Hidden Kingdom, a talk (1 hr)

This talk looks at the fascinating hidden kingdom of fungi and the roles they are performing in and around us all the time. We will also delve into the ingenious ways fungi are being used to help reverse human industrial impacts on the planet and other biological technology applications.



Introduction to Home Cultivation of Fungi (2 hr workshop)

In this workshop Patrick introduces the methods for cultivating mushrooms using very low tech techniques and materials likely to be found within the average home.


For more information on Patrick and Upcycled Mushrooms, visit his website here.