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Fashion and Folklore Creative Workshop, led by Alannah Eileen

Make Your Own Lore of the Land

Event Details
05 May 2019
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Fashion and Folklore Creative Workshop, led by Alannah Eileen

When considering the environment, it is not enough to simply think about geological conservation, but attention needs to be paid to these elements of the wild that are founded on belief.

Considering the landscape, one must not rely on the common senses, such as sight and sound, to understand the place – instead allowing space for the thin places between each of the senses to connect to something beyond immediate perception. Hills may be the elbows of giants and rock pools may be washbasins for merfolk. The lore of the land is sewn into quilts, spoken by the fire and shared by the agile stroke of the fiddler’s bow.

The workshop is about considering the wild through its mysteries, impossibilities and imaginaries. The workshop will comprise of telling folk tales, shared through the spoken word and folk tunes which the participants will then interpret by using a variety of found natural materials, traditionally made pieces, textiles and sustainable garments to dress as characters, landscapes or feelings discovered within the tales. The workshop will consider dress, interpretation and imagination within the surroundings of the greenhouse and gardens. Free from the inhibitions of the common rewilding minimalistic aesthetic and diving into traditions, skills and invention through re-purposing, in the community spirit of sharing ideas and remembering that the sustainability in clothing and dress is not just about achieving a simplistic capsule wardrobe, but through being creative with what you have access to and building and maintaining sentimental, historical, emotional connections with clothing.

All ages and abilities welcome, booking essential.

This workshop is part of the Rewind/Rewild exhibition, which takes place 1st-7th May, 2019. More information on the exhibition here.