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The Chefs Manifesto Online Event

Movement: The Forgotten Ingredient

Event Details
06 - 07 Jul 2020
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Chefs Manifesto Online Event

A window into the past, present and future of the migration and movement of food, people and culture. In these times of globally restricted movement, Producers, Food and Chefs provide a vital link to the livelihoods of people, the wellbeing of the planet and what the future holds for a world now changed by imposed movement restrictions on people and food that have been built, supported and connected us for generations.

This online event is brought to you by the Chefs’ Manifesto London Action Hub at OmVed Gardens in collaboration with the Irish Action Hub at Grow HQ and contributions from many others from across the Chefs’ Manifesto Global Network.

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The event will focus on three main areas:



Seeds, cultural appropriation, biodiversity

What impact does the migration of food and people have on plant and soil biodiversity around the world? How does one culture appropriate another, who owns a flavour, a sound, a style, a colour, a dance. Is the world more able to quickly connect to cultural migration now that we are digitally aware? Does it matter if your local dish becomes appropriated by a chef from another country as their own? Do you feel free to borrow from other chefs? What makes that ok? Who benefited the most from the food systems of the Commonwealth?

Food and cultural identity

How does migration of food and people affect identity? How important is it to chefs to share their local dish, with its history and cultural connotations?

Historically, how important has the trade/migration/movement of food been in shaping our food systems and cultural identity? Do people who have migrated take with them their cultural identity and express it through their food with possible examples.

Movement of food: systems, production, waste and solutions

What is our current food system and what needs to change? How do chefs enable the shift of an ingredient and what can they do to support a local agenda in a global marketplace? Do cities enable a ripe environment that more readily accept cultural, culinary and personal or community beliefs? How is waste distributed in the UK? How can Chefs support the diversification of farms? How can we keep producers in the industry?

About the speakers

Lizzie Collingham

Lizzie taught History at Warwick University and was a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Cambridge before becoming an independent historian. Her books include Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors, The Taste of War: World War II and the Battle for Food and The Hungry Empire: How Britain’s Quest for Food Shaped the Modern World. She is currently an Associate Fellow of Warwick University and an Advisory Fellow for the Royal Literary Fund.



Chef Arthur Potts Dawson

Chef Arthur Potts Dawson has been cooking for 34 years and is Executive Chef at Omved Gardens in London and a UN World Food Program Advocacy Chef. A Sustainable Food Innovator who demands change and reimagines the connections that food has with the world, making old food styles new again with an approach that revisits a gentler less aggressive way to produce, serve and eat food. With strategic policy creation and thought leading in sustainable food, Arthur looks at the importance of ethical and human food connections. Arthur is a chef,  foodie, Teacher, Mentor, Social Entrepreneur, Business Founder, and as an Environmentalist loves being disruptively creative within the food industry. Much of his thinking is how we can minimise the impact that food businesses have on the planet, what the future of food is and where restaurants need to improve to lower their customers’ negative consumption habits on the planet.


Frances Mwanza

Francis is the former head of WFP London Office, spearheading communications and advocacy activities with UK legislators, Think Tanks and media. Previously, he was chief of the communications team at WFP HQ in Rome. He has worked for the United Nations development and humanitarian agencies for 30 years. He is a former journalist and correspondent for international publications and feature syndication services, focusing on development issues, including science and technology. MSc International Policy and Comparative Development.


Vicky Chown

Vicky is the Head Urban Food Grower at OmVed Gardens where she oversees OmVed’s Seed Saving Network. She is also a trained Medical Herbalist and is one half of the herbal/foraging duo The Handmade Apothecary.


Richard Mee

Richard is the Head Grower at Grow HQ. He started growing at only 3 years old with his dad. As a teenager, he learned about commercial gardening by growing fruit and veg and keeping poultry for his parent’s small hotel. He studied for a BSc in Horticulture at Reading University and an MSc in Organic farming at the Scottish Agricultural College. He sustained himself through his studies from his own allotment and by working before, during & after his degree on historic gardens, at research stations, through commercial veg growing and landscaping. In addition to the UK, Richard has grown veg all over the world, including Central America & Africa.


Ozoz Sokoh

Ozoz – the Kitchen Butterfly – is a Nigerian food explorer, culinary anthropologist and food historian passionate about food in its entirety – cooking, eating, dreaming, researching, writing, photographing and styling it , especially on her blog, Kitchen Butterfly. A ‘Traveller by plate’, she uses foodways – the social, cultural and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food to explore the world because ‘Food is more than eating’.


Jessica Latchford

With over 10 years’ experience in the fresh produce industry, supplying directly into all types of catering outlets and working closely with farmers all over the UK, Jess witnessed the colossal amount of produce being cast aside for the sake of aesthetics alone. With a drive to help stop this ever-growing problem, Waste Knot was born.


Jacqui Macallister

Strategic sustainability leader with experience leading transformational change within global businesses. Former head of health and sustainability at Ikea food, Jacqui has her own business which advises organisations on how to design and scale approaches and solutions to support a shift towards sustainable economies.


Carolyn Steel

Carolyn is a leading thinker on food and cities. Her first book, Hungry City, received international acclaim, establishing her as an influential voice in a wide variety of fields across academia, industry and the arts. It won the Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Award for Non-Fiction and was chosen as a BBC Food Programme book of the year. A London-based architect, academic and writer, Carolyn has lectured at the University of Cambridge, London Metropolitan University, Wageningen University and the London School of Economics and is in international demand as a speaker. Her 2009 TED talk has received more than one million views.


And many more…


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