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Nourishing Life - Food Energetics Weekend Workshop at OmVed Gardens

Event Details
15 - 16 Sep 2018
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


An introductory workshop which will empower students, practitioners and those wishing to take more responsibility for their health and the health of their loved ones.

In oriental medicine, it is understood that plants possess energetic qualities to enhance, improve and heal our health. Join acupuncturist Lori Hillman for a fascinating journey through the use of the oriental medicine’s Five Elements. Lori will facilitate group work during which you can discover your Guardian Element as well as explaining and practically demonstrating the connection between our environment and our health.

Nourishing Life comes from the concept in oriental medicine of yang sheng, the idea that all life is one and that we have the responsibility to strive to understand what that means through developing our knowledge and being, so that we can take our place as concious human beings participating in the harmonious symbiosis of Gaia.

We will also learn how to address the crucial ecological issues of our time through eating the right food for the season and the environment, aligning our health and well being with the health and wellbeing of others and the planet.

• If you are a health practitioner or student interested in CPD, this is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and hone your diagnostic skills from the wisdom of oriental medicine.

• If your work is with food as a Chef or Nutritionalist, deepen your understanding of the ingredients that you use, come and explore the transformation of energies from soil to food to body to planet.

Or if you simply wish to take good care of yourself, join us at the tranquil venue of OmVed Gardens in Highgate. During the weekend we will also be privileged to have the expertise of chef Arthur Potts-Dawson who will produce foods and tastes according to the season, flavours and their energetic qualities. All of this will be included in the ticket price.

This is a weekend course which is divided over two days: 
On Saturday we will learn the Five Element theory in connection with the planet and plant energetics.

The Sunday will be focussed on a simple yin/yang diagnosis, the energetics of foods as well as making a diagnosis to choose ingredients for. Whilst it is not compulsory we do encourage attendees to come for both days.

One day = £70.00 / Two days = £135.00

*If you purchase the two-day ticket you are free to bring one guest with you complimentary providing their details are registered in your comments at the time of booking.