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A day of debate around ecological awareness

Rewilding Forum

Event Details
04 May 2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

A day of debate around ecological awareness

Our rewilding forum brings together experts and the wider public for a day of debate around ecological awareness, human re-involvement in natural processes, ways of living within healthy ecosystems and the role of science, art and architecture in protecting and restoring our ecosystems.

A vegan lunch will provided by OmVed’s Exec Chef, Arthur Potts-Dawson.

This event is part of the Rewind/Rewild exhibition, taking place 1st-7th May. For more information on the exhibition here.

Introduction from OmVed & The Curators
Session 1
The European Nature Trust and Alladale Wilderness Reserve
Dr Jonathan Prior: The Messy and the Unscenic: Environmental aesthetics and rewilding
Dr Darren Evans: Everything is connected: Studying the Web of Life in a Rapidly Changing World
Q & A
Session 2
Dominick Tyler: Pass Words: How Language Unlocks the Landscape
Dr Poppy Nicol, Sustainable Places Research Institute: Re-wilding Spaces, Cultivating Spaces and the Places in-between
Session 3
Paul de Zylva, London National Park City: National Park Cities- Who, What, When, Where and Why?
Maria Chiara Piccinelli, PiM Studio Architects: Rewilding in Architecture
Dr Stephen Head of the Wildlife Gardening Forum: Urban Biodiversity and You: Think Global, Act Local
Session 4
Dr Susan Baker: Reconnecting with Nature and the Self: Views from Ecofeminism
Dr Susan Baker and artist Anna Skladmann in conversation, chaired by Anna Souter
Interspecies Collaborations: Fiona Macdonald in conversation with Tom Jeffreys