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Jo la Preserveuse at the Winter Fair

Jo’s relationship with Omved began in the kitchen cooking alongside Arthur, but she quickly set to work extending the life of the seasonal veg from our garden.

This autumn, Jo has been tinkering and testing, exploring dehydration and fermentation techniques, all in the name of making delicious chutneys, pickles and preserves – whilst simultaneously reducing food waste.

‘There is a necessarily slow rhythm to preservation and fermentation. Nature needs time to work its magic, and that teaches us humans a really important lesson in a world that has become fixated on doing everything faster, bigger and better. Sometimes things take time, and slowing down to accept that is good for us.’

Jo’s work allows her to explore the interrelationship between plants, humans and the community of bacteria that are responsible for the fermentation process. She notes that taking time to observe this makes you realise how humans are also deeply connected to nature.

Anyone can grow food, whether in an urban or a rural setting, and anyone can preserve it too.  Jo champions preservation of local produce as an invaluable tool in the revolution against the unsustainable food systems that have become so prevalent in the our world.

This December, we will be hosting our first Winter Fair, showcasing the works of eight artists and makers over the weekend of the 12th and 13th. We have created these short pieces to introduce you to the talent behind the works on display.

More information on the OmVed Winter Fair.