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Six (or Seven) Habits We'll be Keeping Post-Lockdown

1. Know Thy Neighbour

Communities are pulling together like no time in recent history. People living in close proximity for years are singing and dancing together for the first time, shopping on the behalf of others, and taking the time to get to know each other (from a safe distance).

Check out the photography of Adam Isfendiyar and Christopher Fernandez for more neighbourly love in isolation.




2. Re-using resourcefully

Reduce, re-use, recycle, as the saying goes. Disrupted supply chains and shipping have allowed many to be creative through re-using household items. Who knew a simple transparent salad box could not only grow rocket seedlings, but then be inverted as a mini greenhouse?

3. All that sourdough

This may be the golden age of sourdough, as amateur bakers hone their loaves to perfection in lockdown.

What good could come of it? A new found love and appreciation for quality artisan produce, created with the finest ingredients.

What we must be wary of. Ensuring there is a positive benefit to the whole of society – that good produce becomes more available to everyone.

4. God is a gardener

And so are we. If it isn’t sourdough, it’s probably seeds. Seed companies have been struggling to keep up with the demand as amateur gardeners plant like crazy. Whether’s it is a desire to grow our own foods, food security or a meditation, long may this revolution last.

5. Know thy local food scene

Yes, supermarket shelves were emptied out early, as hoarders panicked over toilet paper. But the true glue holding things together has been our local producers and providers working their backsides off to keep people well fed.

6. The big travel slow-down

Have you ever seen a sky so blue and so empty of vapour trails? Breathed air so consistently below the legal air pollution limits? Or seen the Himalayas from India?

7. Love for health workers and unsung heroes

It goes without saying. But the big question will be how we continue show this once Coronavirus is past.


In the next few weeks, we will be exploring creativity in isolation. If you have found creativity, be it on any level, in isolation, we want to hear about it. Get in touch at