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The Yard

The Yard will be a venue for artists, scientists and artisans to work together to create events, products and learning inspired by and sourced from Omved Gardens ensuring sustainability and exploration at the heart of all we do.


Scattered dilapidated sheds with broken windows, grimy plastic ponds, slabs of limestone and leftover garden pots are the remains of a garden landscaping business that was based in the Contractors Yard, adjacent to OmVed Gardens. With the relocation of the business, OmVed Gardens has the opportunity to recycle this intriguing space, while maintaining the theme of enterprise and connecting with the overriding issue of ecological degradation and the deepening human crisis.

Continuing the theme of its previous role as a garden services business, we are reinterpreting the task of the Contractors Yard, enhancing the natural landscape environment, creating diverse eco habitats, and exploring how to create a partnership with nature. As our flora becomes established, we can begin to seed save, encourage fungi and bees, sharing this experience with the wider community. We also intend to replace a few of the rotten sheds with low carbon pavilions to host these activities. We continue to explore the interface between the human and nature and how we can tread lightly on the earth in a creative and dynamic dance.

The Forge, one of the new planned spaces, will house a workshop that can inspire an ‘in residence’ artist, agronomist, or another creative contributor to the Omved Gardens’ vision, as well as a barn that is flexible in concept and function to enable future year-round activity.

Human activity and participation are crucial in recreating a new partnership with ourselves within the natural habitat and we seek to facilitate this dynamic learning environment in the Contractors Yard.”