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An Urban Greenscape

Who We Are

OmVed: Learning From Everything

In this spirit, we facilitate exhibitions, workshops, concerts, dinners and discussions, creating collaborations around the topics of food, creativity and ecological transformation. We seek to nurture, create and contemplate.

How We Started

OmVed is an urban greenscape nestled behind Highgate High Street. Until recently, a wounded and tarmacked wasteland, it is being transformed into a diverse eco habitat with a wildflower meadow, an orchard and a vegetable garden. Through collaboration with artists, architects, chefs, musicians and horticulturalists we are exploring the nature of the relationship between people and our connection to the environment.

As Fritjof Capra said, “It is only by connecting to nature that we can know who we are.” Maybe it is also true to say that it is only by connecting to ourselves that we can know what nature is. Knowing more about ourselves and knowing more about nature is one and the same thing. At OmVed Gardens we feel this is where the search for happiness and wellbeing begins.

Globally, food is a unifying as well as the dividing necessity of life. It is a focal point of our relationship with ourselves and the environment and intrinsic to many of our activities at OmVed. Our team brings to the Omved relationship 60 years of exploring far-flung fields, farms and forests celebrating the harvest of the natural world.

Our passion is the synergy between food and creativity and this informs our business activity as well as our social enterprises. From flour milling to sustainability our endeavours bring you the offer of natural wellbeing.

We partner with the UN World Food Program on events to highlight the disparities worldwide and to speak about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategic partnerships

OmVed Gardens has two key strategic partnerships. We regularly co-host events and initiatives with the World Food Programme and The Chefs’ Manifesto. These events aim to engage the public and other key stakeholders through bringing the WFP’s and CM’s programmes to life.


Assisting 86.7 million people in around 83 countries each year, the World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization saving lives and changing lives, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience.

The World Food Programme regularly launches initiatives at OmVed Gardens, using the space for advocacy, events and knowledge-sharing.

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